What is Functional Medicine, its Benefits and How to find a Holistic Doctor?

What is Functional Medicine, its Benefits and How to find a Holistic Doctor?

Living with chronic disease can be a heavy burden not only for the patient but also for its loved ones. The expense and stress it takes to get through can feel unbearable at times, with no way of knowing if you’ll surely be well.

Eventually, patients look for other ways to treat their condition. One of the most popular methods is Functional Medicine.

What does this type of medical practice do, and why do they get it? Read on to find out.

What is Functional Medicine?

According to IFM, Functional Medicine is a systems biology-based approach towards diagnosing a patient. It is an individualized approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the causes of one disease.

Functional Medicine also looks into a person’s genes, environment, and current lifestyle to further dissect a medical condition and reverse its effects (if possible).

Why should I get Functional Medicine?

As opposed to other forms, Functional Medicine focuses on the patient for treatment management. A functional doctor will ask you questions to get a good grasp of your medical history, from your physical needs down to your mental and emotional needs. They will also consider other factors such as existing toxins, allergens, and your microbiome.

From there, functional medicine doctors will draft a customized living plan to help you live your healthiest life. Functional medicine treatment aims to improve a person’s well-being through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.

Where can I find a holistic doctor?

Searching for a holistic doctor is easy. You can go to sites like IFM’s Find A Practitioner page to get a list of functional doctors around your area. You can also use long-tail keywords on your browser such as “functional medicine dr near me” and let the search engine source relevant medical professionals from various sites.

No treatment is ever useful without the right level of trust. Allow yourself to ask everything that you need to know from your doctor before proceeding.

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