The Benefits of the Foundation, Methylation and Wellness Panel

I’d like to talk about the foundation, methylation, and wellness panel. If you’re a really healthy person and you just want to get better, you want to optimize your health; the best thing to do is do our foundation, methylation, and wellness panel. This is the cheek swab that I recommend. These genetics will never change and they cover three different areas of vitamin D marker, mitochondrial marker, and methylation markers. These areas contribute to your general health and well-being. Methylation is a process where you take B vitamins that normally dissolve in the watery part of the blood and make them able to go through the fatty covering of our brain, our nervous system, and our cells—all of our cells are surrounded by fat so to make these B vitamins fat soluble to get into the cells.

So, if you have any methylation issues, we can provide you with the forms of B vitamins, not the kind you buy at the grocery store, but pure, clean, bioavailable B vitamins to help your body function optimally. Methylation helps you clean out the trash in your body, it helps you make neurotransmitters, it helps you with short-term memory, focus, concentration, organizational skills, sleep stability mood stability, and also hormone regulation.

The next part of it is mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouses or batteries of ourselves. They produce ATP which is energy. Our brain needs ATP to function and every single cell in our body does, especially our heart, our lungs, our skeletal muscle. 22% of our mitochondrial energy is made in the brain every day. The other 22% is skeletal muscle and then all the organs of the body. That’s profound.

Vitamin D delivery is essential. You might have a genetic marker that prevents your body from accepting regular vitamin D at regular dosages. You could get all the sunshine in the world and still not be able to produce vitamin D. You may need it with or without vitamin K. 

So that’s what the foundation, methylation, and wellness panel is about.