4 Notable Differences Between the Practice of Conventional Medicine and Functional Medicine

4 Notable Differences Between the Practice of Conventional Medicine and Functional Medicine

There has been a growing interest in alternative medicine lately in different parts of the world. Health-conscious people and other like-minded groups have been taking better steps to take responsibility for their health.

One of its most popular topics today is functional medicine. What is it, and how does it differ from conventional medicine?

Read our quick below to find out.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an alternative treatment that focuses on the root cause of disease through a systems-oriented approach. It examines the relationship between your mind, body, and spirit to treat your whole body and not just the symptoms.

1. Functional medicine treats you, not your symptoms.

As opposed to its more traditional counterpart, which focuses on treating symptoms, functional medicine doctors aim to look at the bigger picture. This unique form of medicine will aim to treat your whole self. It leaves no stone unturned by trying to determine the root cause of the illness through naturopathic means.

2. Functional medicine offers personalized care.

Functional doctors also take pride in providing a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Apart from your diet, these practitioners will also look into your current lifestyle and your emotional needs to ensure that the care you receive works with the life you lead.

3. Functional medicine offers healing in the long-term.

Medical professionals use conventional medicine for treating acute and urgent medical symptoms. On the other hand, functional medicine addresses recurring symptoms within the body. By guiding their healing process, we teach patients how to address these problems more naturally.

4. Functional medicine does not heavily focus on medication.

Conventional doctors tend to prescribe medications too often. Instead of making your body go through unnecessary drugs, functional medicine provides a more holistic alternative. This form of healing combines naturopathic practice & other wellness activities that will help your body’s innate healing ability.