Autism Advancement Care Path

Welcome Call
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The welcome call is a free 15-30 minute meet and greet phone session with a health coach to hear what you are looking for, to answer your questions about the clinic model and approach, and determine which care path will meet your unique needs and goals.

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We want you to get the most out of your appointment time. In order for us to provide the best care possible, we ask that you take your time to fill out all the forms in your patient profile and medical forms at your earliest convenience. The information gathered through these forms will set you up for success! All required forms should be completed at least 5 business days prior to your first appointment.

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During the autism orientation, Dr. Kruppstadt will discuss what a functional approach to autism looks like and explain the “why” behind every step in the Autism Advancement Care Path. There will be time for a brief Q & A at the end.
Foundation of Functional Medicine Coaching Package
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A series of four 90-minute group coaching sessions on mastering the foundation of functional medicine, which is lifestyle. The elements of lifestyle include: nutrition, stress, sleep, movement, finances, environment, and mindset. This includes a 1 on 1 Foundations appointment with your health coach to gather more of your story, prepare you to be an equal partner with your medical provider, collect information to set you up for success, and begin creating your personalized care plan.
Genetic Testing Package
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Receive a genetic panel (cheek swab), attend a genetics orientation, and attend a personal plan appointment to review and address your unique genetics.
One Year Membership Commitment
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Though you can join our membership at any time, it is required before you establish care with a medical provider. The membership DOES NOT include visits with a health coach, medical professional or genetics provider. The membership INCLUDES supplement discounts, functional therapy discounts, free access to events, an exclusive community platform, and more.
Autism Advancement Initial Medical Appointment Package
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A 45-minute appointment (patient not present) with the doctor (virtual if needed), a 45-minute patient exam with the doctor, and a 30-minute follow-up with your health coach to prioritize the recommendations made and discuss ongoing support and guidance.