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Primary Care





Hope and Healing

“I told my husband (…a physician) that I felt like a little piece of my child was slipping away each day. Shortly after that, he was diagnosed with autism….
We found Dr. Kruppstadt and she has worked miracles for our son. … Getting to the root of my child’s genetic makeup and designing a plan that is unique to him has given him a chance at a happy and fulfilling life.” E.F.

Got My Life Back

“…[Dr. K] is on the cutting edge of science and medicine and was able to reverse my autoimmune disease through her treatment.” N.B.

Life Altering Care

“At 10 years old, [my son] was having  trouble concentrating at school, was exhibiting OCD behaviors and night disturbances and anxieties beyond what I could ‘treat’ on my own any longer. … Through [Dr. K’s] extensive testing and in depth analysis and explanations, I began to finally understand why my son was exhibiting those behaviors. Within a couple of short months, his teachers … were approaching me to say how they couldn’t believe the difference in him. …His anxiety and lack of focus were replaced with a relaxed and joyfully renewed thirst for knowledge. …Ensuring that his body was now getting the vitamins and following the diet he so desperately needed was critical. …[Dr. K] changed our lives.” D.M.

Splendid service!

“Dr. Paula Kruppstadt is very caring, compassionate, thorough, detail-oriented, methodically looks for solutions, asks great questions, listens intently, and is the one you want leading the battle-charge against anything that is harming your health. Highest possible recommendations for the incredibly kind Dr. Kruppstadt.” C.B.


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