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Our unique approach addresses systemic immune and neurologic deficiencies using precise genetic testing, aiming to reduce destructive inflammation and to promote innate healing with stem cells and/or exosomes. To optimize the success of regenerative therapy, we first help patients prepare and progress through natural remedies including improved diet, nutritional supplementation, I.V. vitamin therapy, and lifestyle improvements so that “good seeds land in fertile soil.”


Exosomes are chemical messengers that are involved in direct cell signaling and are ultimately responsible for stimulating cell regeneration. As they contain protein and mRNA, they are able to start tissue and wound healing by activating your own regenerative cell response. If your body is chronically inflamed, whether due to a previous injury or chronic disease, then your body may be fighting a losing battle. Using exosomes extracted from purified donated stem cells, your body may receive the extra stimulation that it needs to recover. Exosomes can stimulate nerve growth factor, brain neurons, tissue regeneration, bone growth and reduction of inflammation. 

Our regenerative medicine suppliers are known in the marketplace for their outstanding product purity, chain of custody, and positive patient outcomes. Tissue tracking and traceability is a requirement of the FDA. Every tissue that we deliver to our customers is traceable back to the tissue donor and compliant with our strict donor acceptance criteria.

Stem Cells

StemVive provides a concentrated cryopreserved flowable stem cell and growth factor rich biologic. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the cells that are directly responsible for cell growth as they are the precursor to many cell types and tissues. While we are young, we naturally have more MSCs than when we are older, which is why we are not able to recover as quickly as we age. While there are many different options for stem cell therapy, using StemVive ensures that the stem cells that you are receiving are from donors that are free of chronic disease and have excellent nerve growth factors.

Our Regenerative Medicine Process

1. Establish care with Hope for Healing.
2. Obtain a Regenerative Medicine Genetics Panel and Consultation to evaluate your genetics.
3. Consult with the medical provider to help prepare your body to receive treatment.
4. Receive IV infusion of Exosomes or Stem Cells.
5. Watch for results in one to six months.

The Power of Exosomes and Regenerative Therapies

Introduction To Stem Cells & How They Can Assist With Health Conditions

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