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Meet Dr. Paula Kruppstadt

Dr. Kruppstadt graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1990. She completed her pediatric internship and residency at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso in 1993. She promptly earned her Board Certification from the American Board of Pediatrics in 1993 and she is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

She served as a U.S. Army pediatrician at Ft. Hood, Texas and then relocated to The Woodlands, Texas in 1995. She has since worked as a general pediatrician in various venues, including Texas Children’s Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Urgent Care. Dr. Kruppstadt also served as a pediatric hospitalist for Baylor College of Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dr. Kruppstadt is a Certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine by The Institute for Functional Medicine—IFMCP. She is one of only a few pediatricians in the world who are certified IFMCP.

At Hope for Healing, Dr. Kruppstadt offers functional consultations for patients from birth through 99 years of age and pediatric primary care from birth through 21 years of age.

Meet Dr. Brigitte Monrose

Dr. Monrose graduated from The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada in 1983, and completed a Rotating Internship at Hurley Medical Center, Flint Michigan and Board Certification with The College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Dr. Brigitte brings over 30 years of experience in general family practice as well as a Fellowship in Functional Medicine with The American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M).

Dr. Brigitte and her family have personally experienced the benefits of functional medicine. By utilizing the customized, integrative approach that constitutes functional medicine, it is Dr. Brigitte’s desire to help patients achieve their full potential of wellness in whatever season of life they may be in.

At Hope for Healing, Dr. Brigitte offers functional consultations and family practice primary care to both new and established adult patients.

Meet Rita Soriano FNP-C

Rita brings 14 years of front-line healthcare experience to our team. She has practiced several years as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) and currently also works part time at a residential facility treating young girls with eating disorders. Previously, she practiced nursing in a broad range of specialties in HCA hospitals, MD Anderson and home health, having completed her initial nursing certification in 2006.

To this end, Rita is mentored by and partners with Paula Kruppstadt MD, providing healthcare for children and adults using a functional approach. She has completed specialized training through the Institute for Functional Medicine with the aim of becoming an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

At Hope for Healing, Rita functions as a primary care provider for pediatrics and offers functional medicine consults to patients of all ages.

Meet Lindi Burgess FNP-BC

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Madeleine “Lindi” Burgess, FNP-BC studied nursing at Rush University in Chicago, IL, earning her BSN in 1977. While still raising a family, she continued her education, completing her masters degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN in 2002. She is ANCC certified as a family nurse practitioner and has traveled widely in the many, diverse nursing roles she has filled over the years.

With a natural affinity for people and a love of nursing—Lindi’s belief in a whole-person approach to healthcare collided with functional medicine in 2015 when she became interested in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and environmental health. Recognizing the huge impact that environmental hazards (and particularly indoor air quality) are having on the health of the general population of all ages, Lindi is continuing her studies in this vein. She also comes with experience in sleep medicine stating that this is a vital aspect of any plan of care.

Lindi is very happy to have joined the staff at Hope for Healing and is eager to serve and partner together with those interested in getting to the root of their mystery symptoms. She considers herself a “health detective” and says one of her highest joys in life is to watch a person regain their vitality and resiliency after illness! She is also wild about her three grandchildren!

At Hope For Healing, Lindi offers functional consultations and family practice primary care to both new and established adult patients.

Meet Kathrine Salah CNC, Certified Genomix Provider

Kathrine Salah has been an advocate of health and nutrition for over 20 years. Empowered by her own experiences, she finds joy and fulfillment in assisting people achieve a healthier and better version of themselves. She’s a strong believer in uniting the threefold nature of the body — physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Through her knowledge and efforts, she aims to benefit other people’s overall well-being as a Certified Nutritional Counselor, a Certified Splankna Therapy Practitioner, and a Certified Genomix Provider.

At Hope For Healing, Kathrine offers Genomix consultations and health coaching to patients of all ages.

Meet Carolyn Heckel, Health Coach

Carolyn brings more than 13 years of experience in functional medicine and Health Coaching to our team. She has coached numerous parents with children on the Autism Spectrum and other health issues, by guiding, educating and instructing parents on how to implement the prescribed treatment plans (diets, medications, supplements) throughout all phases of the treatment process. She is a twice certified Lifestyle Educator with Metagenics, coaching adults through lifestyle interventions to help with weight loss, improving Diabetes type I and II, pre-diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Combined with her professional experience, she personally has walked through the journey of raising a child with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. She understands this challenging journey from a parent’s perspective and has implemented special diets, supplementation, medications, and associated therapies to help her child recover. Furthermore, she has walked through the path of recovery after being given a diagnosis of CIRS. She understands how devastating such a condition can be, and the treatment required.

Carolyn is passionate about nutrition, health and wellness and thoroughly enjoys helping people overcome their health and life challenges.

At Hope for Healing, Carolyn is mentored by and works under the direction of Dr. Paula Kruppstadt. Carolyn will provide Health Coaching consultations to patients of all ages.