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An essential component of long term health and wellness is nutrition. You cannot
achieve optimal health and wellness without ongoing improvements to
your eating habits. That is usually an insurmountable struggle. Moreover, most
who want to improve proceed aimlessly amongst severely conflicting information
about what to eat or not, and the diets they choose are rarely customized to their
genetics and unique nutritional needs. However, the simple decision to get help
from an expert can change your life. Nutrigenomics requires nutritional coaching.
Without modification of eating habits, nutritional supplements alone rarely optimize
health and wellness. Therefore, we encourage all of our patients to accelerate their
journey to long term health and wellness with coaching from our Holistic Nutritional Health Coach.

“I believe, with the right tools and mindset you, too, can have a life full of energy, vital health and well-being.”

Kathrine Salah
Certified Nutritional Counselor, Certified Splanka Therapy Practitioner, ACE Certified Fitness Instructor

Kathrine Salah has 20 years of health and nutrition experience. Her health journey began over 20 years ago with her own health struggles, and then with her family’s. She made gradual changes in nutrition, fitness and emotions to take her health back and live the excellent life we are designed to live. She learned that she is most fulfilled when helping others do the same.



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