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How A Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Approaches Autism

The pediatric developmental panel has some very significant markers on it. There are two MTHFR genes. A person can have a significant methylation deficiency and not even have those genes. But what lies at the root cause of many things that pause development in children or cause a child to be more vulnerable to a vaccine injury and to regress their speech, their mentation, and their gross and fine motor function has to do with inflammation and autophagy.

The pediatric developmental panel is a great way to tell if your child is going to be more vulnerable to possible vaccine injury. There are so many factors that are involved, but a few things that a functional medicine pediatrician can tell from this developmental panel is if your child have impaired autophagy? Autophagy refers to the ability to clear up the cellular debris and to recycle the good stuff and kick out the bad stuff. The panel can also determine if your child has unchecked inflammation.

So many parents say, “Well, my kid’s always saying ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, was crawling and moving up until the time they had their varicella vaccine, their chicken pox vaccine at a year of age, or their MMR at 18 months of age.”

What’s significant about those is that they are partial live virus vaccines. The body should normally respond by making antibodies to those vaccines. But what if it stops or halts their developmental progression? What if they regress? That is the story functional medicine doctors hear almost every week at their office.

There are children that never received vaccinations and have not developed appropriately. And if that’s the case, they may have impaired autophagy or inflammatory markers. It may be due to some things that occurred during their mom’s pregnancy, things that she’d ingested, things that she was exposed to, and how the child was nourished after they were born—all these factors are part of it.

But the thing is if a certified functional medicine practitioner can identify these things to prevent ongoing unchecked inflammation in your child, or to help them with autophagy to get rid of the cellular debris, that is going to be so beneficial for them.

The pediatric developmental panel has neurotransmitter markers on it. It also has a sugar marker on it to help the functional medicine doctors tell if your child is specifically prone genetically to becoming hyperactive if they ingest refined sugar. It also helps determine if for some reason they are prescribed antipsychotic medications when they’re older, if they would be more prone to profound weight gain.

This panel, in addition to neurotransmitter markers and sugar markers, also has inflammatory markers, detoxification markers, and the autophagy markers. A functional medicine pediatrician can identify the inflammatory, autophagy, and detoxification markers. The inflammation in your child can be dialled down, and it can be determined if they would be less vulnerable to any issues with the addition of vaccines.

Why have a developmental panel done? The developmental panel is a cheek swab. It’s specifically for children and individuals that want to know if they have vulnerability to vaccine injury, if they have unchecked inflammation in their body, and as a child, if that child is suffering from depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder.

If you’re interested in a developmental panel, visit the functional medicine pediatrician of Hope For Healing. The swab is done in the office. If you have a breastfeeding baby, we will request that you bring two clean washrags and we’ll put some nice filtered water on it. We will clean the inside of your child’s mouth out so that there would be no residue from breastmilk, and so that we wouldn’t have maternal contamination of the baby’s DNA.

It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the results to come back. Based on those results, we’ll decide what vulnerabilities may be present in your child and how we can address those with supplementation and/or medications. Whenever a functional medicine pediatrician prescribes medications, which is rarely, it is to decrease inflammation, improve the body’s ability to clean out the cellular debris, recycle the good stuff, get rid of the bad stuff, and to promote healing.

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