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Functional Medicine And The Chronic Pain Panel

Pain regularly affects our daily lives, no matter how sedentary or simple we think our routine is. According to a survey by the American Pain Foundation, pain affects concentration, energy levels, and enjoyment of life. It is especially hard if you are experiencing chronic pain, as this can last for weeks, months, and even years. Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million people in the US.
If you are an adult or child that suffers from chronic pain—anywhere from complex regional pain syndrome to knee/hip/joint pain, arthritis, and even if it’s an autoimmune illness—there are ways that a certified functional medicine practitioner can determine genetically how to help your body dial down that inflammation. But first you must be subjected to a chronic pain panel, which has several genetic markers. These markers will never change and will be instrumental in finding a customized treatment plan for your chronic pain.
And if you get insight into what’s going on in your body, functional medicine doctors can recommend natural and effective ways to turn the inflammation down. Functional medicine doctors will want to do that either with supplements and/or medication.
Food—what you eat and put in your mouth and your body—is also a profound factor. It basically is medicine. After all, the sensation of pain is generated through brain functions, and the gut and the brain are connected. Healing a leaky gut and preventing inflammation is critical in the functional medicine approach to pain.
The functional medicine approach gives importance to understanding the uniqueness of each individual. That said, each treatment plan is personalized depending on the results of the chronic pain panel. Each recommendation is patient-centered, not disease-centered, meaning the treatment drives for holistic lifestyle changes. These changes span not only the diet itself but also other treatments, such as integrating chiropractic and Ayurvedic care into your routine.
The goal of functional medicine doctors is to help you achieve peak vitality and not mere absence of illnesses. At Hope For Healing, we strive for this by promoting the body’s ability for self-healing and health maintenance. We help our patients understand their body and how it is genetically engineered to regain and maintain health through the cellular codes.
Consult with us for a chronic pain and personalized treatment plan today!

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